Resurrection in 3rd edition rules: Some friends and I were discussing whether or not you lose a point ofConstitution if you are resurrected/raised/etcetera. Please let me know whatyou recall.

As I see it, you had three options:

Box #1) Spend 2 minutes looking in the <*gasp*> Player's Handbook, where aquick reference to the spells Raise Dead, Resurrection, and TrueResurrection could have unambiguously answered your pathetic question.

Door #2) Spend 5 minutes phrasing a respectful request apologizing for yourown hulking hebetude and for stirring up the most sedulous of sages.

Curtain #3) Spend at least a week as the latest object of ridicule in the3rd Edition community.

Congratulations, you've chosen Curtain #3! You win this brand-spanking-newNorwegian goat and a non-gratuitous tattoo! Go to the nearest prick-n-stickand receive body art of the word "I-M-B-E-C-I-L-E" on your forehead, free ofcharge to the 3rd Edition and Agimimnon! Some restrictions may apply.

Had you trifled yourself with a brief glance at a PHB, which any serious D&Dplayer should own, you might have discovered that except in the case of TrueResurrection, being brought back to life costs a character one level; or apoint of Constitution only if the character was at 1st level beforeresuscitation. True Resurrection costs the subject nothing.

-Agimimnon the Great, Wondering Why He Even Bothers