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Video Editing Workstations Improving

by Pete on October 24, 2015, no comments

Then in the mid-1980s the offline editing process was made mote efficient by using compressed digital video from the hard disks of workstations. Now computer graphics specialists such as Doug Walters, head creative director of Super Real Graphics, had a choice: They could squeeze their fries into low-resolution versions that were almost unrecognizable in order to fit them onto hard drives for offline editing, or they could wait for the online session in order to make their images and effects available. Under this scenario, the original file formats would be inserted into the final recorded master tape, at which point their creators would have no choice over where the effects went or how they were integrated with the other shots. Still cut out of the creative part of the editing loop, the artists had to rely on the talents of others to bring their computer-generated contributions to the screen. Creative decisions were often made by editors and producers who may

LAN Backup Helps Prevent Catastrophes Daily

by Pete on October 14, 2015, no comments

Buyers of LAN backup software are increasingly getting packages with data-management functions reminiscent of mainframe applications.

Features such as tape rotation, data migration, new operating system support and HSM (hierarchical storage management) are being added to LAN backup packages as users continue to downsize applications and implement client/server applications.

Backup software like this can save your business.

Backup software like this can save your business.

“As operations move from centralized to decentralized applications, the importance of protecting data is critical,” said Edward Gaudet, director of marketing for Software Partners/32 Inc., a supplier of systems-management software for VAX and Unix environments in Topsfield, Mass.

For high-end storage management on LANs, many tape-backup software vendors are supporting the Data Migration and HCSS (High Capacity Storage System) functions in NetWare 4.0. This allows infrequently used files to be automatically transferred from hard disk to optical or tape drives. While the files are stored off-line, their names are maintained in the volume directory. When accessed, the migrated data is returned

Features Of Online Helpdesk Software

by Pete on October 7, 2015, no comments

Online helpdesk software is used by IT departments to internally manage employee needs while externally managing client requests. Businesses use helpdesk in several ways. For one, they use helpdesk software in the cultivation of customer communities, user testing, feedback loops and business offerings for paid support. Online helpdesk software also brings unity in the customer chats, keeps them archived and are available in reading and responding to internet connected computer or Smartphones. The advantage of the software is its ability to be assessed from anywhere and on any available device. It also does not get affected when the business system or server has a failure.

fothdsWhen the online helpdesk software is active all the time, the customers can check on the status of requests to find out if they ought to provide more information. When fully customized, it allows businesses to apply the prevailing designs of brands while using their domains and email addresses. Features found in helpdesk software …