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Teenage Kindness Is Out There!

by Pete on October 29, 2015, no comments

tkiotTabitha Joy Kulish and her pals have learned that the road to making a difference can be bumpy at times. “We were really excited to be doing the October Diabetes Walk, and everybody was skipping and singing,” the 15-year-old ninth grader recalls. “But then my best friend, Lori Frey, twisted her ankle. We didn’t want to walk without her, so we put her in a wheelchair we borrowed from the ambulance crew and took turns pushing her.” The group not only made it through the eight-mile course, but they also raised $1,000 for the cause.

It was all in a day’s volunteer work for the 20 teenage members of Operation Cheer-Up Kids, the Lancaster, PA, group Kulish founded in 199.5. Since then, they’ve raised more than $16,000 for such nonprofit organizations as the American Diabetes Association and Save Farm Families and logged 7,000 hours of community service.

The whole thing began in 1991, when Kulish was in second grade. As