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Features Of Online Helpdesk Software

by Pete on October 7, 2015, no comments

Online helpdesk software is used by IT departments to internally manage employee needs while externally managing client requests. Businesses use helpdesk in several ways. For one, they use helpdesk software in the cultivation of customer communities, user testing, feedback loops and business offerings for paid support. Online helpdesk software also brings unity in the customer chats, keeps them archived and are available in reading and responding to internet connected computer or Smartphones. The advantage of the software is its ability to be assessed from anywhere and on any available device. It also does not get affected when the business system or server has a failure.

fothdsWhen the online helpdesk software is active all the time, the customers can check on the status of requests to find out if they ought to provide more information. When fully customized, it allows businesses to apply the prevailing designs of brands while using their domains and email addresses. Features found in helpdesk software include live chat, knowledgebase, online support forums, voice or phone support, frequently asked questions, support ticketing workflow, wikis and remote support. The proper use of helpdesk software empowers the business to monitor and at the same time respond to all the customer requests within a very short time.

Multi Channel Online Helpdesk Software

When using the online helpdesk software, one way of keeping into contact with customers is by plugging live agents into the emails to automatically create tickets. When this happens, there are no chances of missing out on an email from an important client again. This is because each email is made into a ticket automatically before it is assigned to the right department. There are times when there may be multiple emails from several customers. To handle this, multiple email addresses are added, filtered, set, rerouted and streamlined to help in the support process. This will make handling emails become an easy task.

Adding a chat button on the website used is another way of using online helpdesk software. This ensures than whenever there is a customer in the line with a question, there is someone to help. Live chat is said to increase conversion rates of visitors to become regular customers by a whopping 23%. By using live chats, agents are able to see what the customer is typing even before they send the message. It allows the agents to send attachments as well as see where the visitors are from. The best part is that it allows the transfer of chats to other agents. Find out more about help desk software here.

Using Online Helpdesk Software In Voice Support And Monitoring

Online helpdesk software is used in Facebook and other social media. The ticket communications are archived in tickets. The comments and posts by customers are categorized and searched on Facebook. This can be used to surprise the customers with speed when tickets are responded to automatically whenever clients post on Facebook. At the same time, a number of unlimited profiles and wall pages can be managed within one center. It is necessary to define access to the Facebook pages through the live agents and the agents pages on Facebook need to be restricted.

When using the online helpdesk software, customers can be talked to over the phone or alternatively, pc to pc calls can be made. There is no need to have the agents being purchased for phones as calls can be received on the computer directly. Live agents can use Twillio for the integrations of voice calls and get a 1-800 number for customer care services. When there are simultaneous calls from various customers, there is no need to deal with each on a one on one basis.  Instead, the conversations and chats can be kept in one ticket and answered at once. Call routing schemes can be automated with unlimited number of agents or departments.

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