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Saturday, May 22, 2004

Friday afternoon: Trading and Skirmishes 

I've just had a happy Friday afternoon with a few friends playing D&D Miniatures and Magic: the Gathering.

The two warbands I took along were as follows:

100 point Chaotic Evil:
* Vampire Aristocrat
* Ogre Ravager
* Abyssal Maw

200 point Chaotic Good
* Cleric of Corellon Larethian
* Moon Elf Fighter
* 3 Centaurs
* 3 Graycloak Rangers
* Axesister
* 3 Wolves (minions)

How did they go? Fairly badly. :)

First game I played was using the 200 pt army against a CE band of 2 Orc Champions, 3 Cursed Spirits and 2 Eye of Gruumsh. Scenario was Teleporter statues. I detest Cursed Spirits - I always fail the incorporeal check to hit them! I teleported my Axe Sister so she could do a whirlwind attack against the three spirits at once. The result? No damage. Argggghhhh!!!

By the end of the battle, I'd lost all my figures, but I had taken out the two Eyes of Gruumsh and one of the Orc Champions - the other Champion was below half hit points. I missed several key initiative checks, though. :(

The second game was my 100 point warband versus another band I can't actually remember... I lost that one, though. Stupid critical hits.

We also played a 3-player with my 100 band against a Eye of Gruumsh, Githyanki Fighter + Orc Warrior warband and a warband consisting of a Drow Cleric of Lolth + 4 Cursed Spirits. The scenario was Stragglers.

Basically, I sat back and waited for my figures to come out whilst the Orc Warriors and the Cursed Spirits engaged each other in the shrine in the middle of the board.

Then my Ogre Ravager moved into position, slew a Cursed Spirit and then routed off the board due to a Githyanki hitting it too many times.

The Cleric of Lolth entered the table, along with the Eye of Gruumsh and my Vampire Aristocrat. I stayed away as long as possible, as the Cleric went down to the Eye and the Githyanki.

Three figures left on the table: the Eye of Gruumsh and a Githyanki fighter against my Vampire Aristocrat. The Githyanki died as it failed a morale save... and the Eye reduced my Vampire to 10 hp.

A final hit from me and the Eye was ready to kill my Vampire, except for that Morale save it had to make. Oh, it failed. I won! :)

It's a silly game. I want more figures with the Fear spell!

I did some trading as well, getting rid of various figures for ones more useful for me in the RPG. The exact trades I can't remember, but I traded away the following figures:

* Aspect of Orcus
* Aspect of Lolth
* Minotaur
* Cleric of Lolth
* Orc Champion
* Thayan Knight
* Black Dragon

And received in exchange:

* Large Earth Elemental
* Mummy (x2)
* Barghest
* Orc Druid
* Mind Flayer
* Erinyes

I'll point out that I still have 2 Black Dragons and 3 Minotaurs. :) The Orc Druid was the only figure of those I received I didn't already have, but the others are quite useful in the RPG.

I only need one more figure - the Halfling Outrider - for a set of Dragoneye!

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