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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

My D&D Miniatures part II (Evil Humanoids) 

This list is of the Evil Humanoid box. Into that category go the goblinoids, orcs and gnolls. Drow are in the Denizens of the Underdark box, so you'll have to wait for them. (Or maybe, as this blog is published in reverse order, you've already seen them!)

Once again, there are no rares in this list.


8 Gnolls
3 Gnoll Archers


1 Snig the Axe
4 Goblin Warriors
6 Goblin Skirmishers
8 Goblin Sneaks


2 Urthok the Vicious
8 Hobgoblin Warriors


6 Bugbears


5 Orc Warriors
9 Orc Spearfighters
4 Orc Berserkers
4 Orc Archers
1 Orc Raider


4 Half-Orc Assassins
7 Half-Orc Fighters
4 Half-Orc Monks
1 Cleric of Kord
1 Half-Orc Barbarian


8 Kobold Warriors
7 Kobold Skirmishers

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